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Our Story

A Passion for Helping People Pursue Their Goals

At Lifelong Investments LLC, we provide comprehensive wealth management services with a focus on helping clients pursue their long-term goals. The average person doesn’t need a financial advisor to help them plan for the next couple of years. By working closely with an advisor, people can plan for the many milestones ahead and, as a result, may feel more confident in their financial futures. Our firm was founded by Brad Katz, CWS®, AIF® with this belief in mind and our goal is to serve clients as their lifelong wealth advisor.

We understand the complexities of the financial services industry. Many people don’t have the time or confidence to manage their own assets or develop strategies for their financial needs, like retirement or college planning. We seek to address this by explaining confusing concepts and helping them better understand the investment opportunities available.

Whether we’re working with individuals or businesses, our goal is to provide financial guidance and serve as a resource for their investment and financial needs. We work as a team and, with a comprehensive background in the financial services industry, we can assist clients with a number of different concerns or questions.